Thursday, November 8, 2012

I was lost before I started, abandoned to old ladies in dirty house dresses, dirty from hard work, but they had kind hands, kind hearts.
I was lost when I finally went home, Home to belt straps and buckles, shoes and sticks, all used as weapons, cold looks, indifferent hearts.
I was lost at 14, pushed against the wall, naked, afraid. Hard hands, hard parts hard heart.
On and on, lost in a mind trapped by abuse, always giving in, never being myself for fear of losing the only love I knew..even if it was flawed.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Return from the nether.

Shame on me.I cant believe that I lost this blog for almost two years. The bricks still must be placed and here is another.

The world around me is waking up,a wonderful rebirth. I am sure the peeps and chocolate bunnies are breeding and soon we will be knee deep in them, guess that is better than knee deep in alligators.

Today a gentle rain is falling and the air is damp and cold. I am snuggled in my bed with my dogs, my laptop and my kindle. The naked tree looks to the mountain with its snow blanket and shivers. It feels the life trying to burst forth. The spring flowers poke the tips of their little head out of the ground and drink the rain. Soon it will be an explosion of color, and smells of life.
I too must rise, force myself out of the cold hibernation I put my self in and burst forth with my colors and scent, mine being art and words. I have to live again.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

One Brick at a time

I tend to go off on tangents, my mind scattered in every direction, my emotions on a roller coaster that the theme parks would kill for. I really will try to go brick by brick ..on brick at a time.

Can't promise it will happen.
Flowers are one of natures wonder. The Tulip, a sensual and beautiful flower, arrives in spring, when the Mother is showing her greatness.. explosions of life everywhere you look, even in death.
I tend to see phallic symbols everywhere. Wonder what the head shrinkers would make of that.
From the beckoning of a open Lilly to the shaft of a closed tulip, I find meanings and messages..maybe they are only meant for me..but I think they are there for anyone with the eyes to see.